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1st Term Examination



Section A

Choose the correct option

  1. Clothes are kept in the following except (a)wardrobe (b)box (c)bathroom (d)drawer
  2. Clothes need to be washed to improve its (a)taste (b)appearance (c)statics (d)shape
  3. Calico patch is usually used for (a)bed sheets and pillowcases (b)bed sheets and caps (c)aprons and garments (d)household coats and socks
  4. Darning is the process of mending __________ in articles (a)buttons (b)openings (c)clothes (d)holes
  5. The materials that are not frequently used and should be store in polythene are usually (a)black materials (b)white materials (c)yellow materials (d)green materials
  6. Household linens are (a)articles used in the factory (b)clothes used in the school (c)clothes articles for hospital theatre (d)articles used in the home to enhance domestic activities
  7. Articles in the kitchen are (a)table napkins and face towels (b)table clothes and bath towel (c)table clothes and place mats (d)place mats and pillowcase
  8. Household articles used for decorating windows and doors are called (a)sheets and linery (b)curtains and draperies (c)linen and draperies (d)curtains and towels
  9. Which of the following household liners is the odd one out? (a)tablecloth (b)blanket (c)bed spread (d)pillowcase
  10. Examples of bed liner include (a)mattress and bath towels (b)bedspread and tea clothes (c)mattress covers and pillowcases (d)face towels and blankets
  11. Wash, iron and air clothes before (a)storage (b)repairing (c)darning (d)mending
  12. Do not store damp clothes because they can _______ clothes (a)improve (b)protect (c)repair (d)damage
  13. Print pitches are used to repair articles and garments that are (a)coloured and designed (b)designed and rough (c)modeled and printed (d)printed and patterned
  14. Darning is a method of garment (a)repair (b)storage (c)design (d)dyeing
  15. Which of the following is not an example of bed linen? (a)bed sheet (b)mattress (c)pillowcase (d)blanket
  16. Oven gas or clothes are used for (a)washing in hot water (b)wiping hot glasses (c)placing plates and dishes (d)handling hot pans and dishes
  17. One of the points to be considered when selecting household linen is (a)location of the family (b)age of the family (c)weather condition (d)quantity that will last longer
  18. Curtains and draperies used on windows and doors for (a)privacy in the home (b)setting tables (c)covering beds (d)cleaning the body
  19. Face towels are used after bath for (a)wiping and cleaning the body (b)wiping and cleaning of faces (c)wiping and cleaning of the toes (d)wiping and decorating the face
  20. One of the tools used for pressing clothes during and after garment construction is called __________ (a)sewing machine (b)thread machine (c)pressing iron (d)ironing chair


Instruction: Answer all

  1. (a)State two uses of bed linen

(b)List three types of table Linen

  1. (a)State three ways of storing clothes

(b)Define the term “clothing repair”

  1. (a)Define home maker

(b)mention three qualities of a home maker