Pry 2 Vocation Third TERM




1.) Another name for vocational education is ______

(a) social education (b) civic education (c) technical education

2.) Which one is not a professional in medical vocation? (a) farmer (b) doctor (c) nurse

3.) Which of these represents people in court (a) tailor (b) potter (c) lawyer

4.) An athlete works in _________ (a) stadium (b) road (c) school

5.) _____________ works in a pharmacy (a) chemist (b) pharmacist (c) farmer

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6.) A person that teaches is called a _________ (a) driver (b) tailor (c) teacher

7.) The head of a primary school is called __________ (a) headmaster (b) class captain (c) lawyer

8.) _______________ is where pupils attendance are recorded (a) ruler (b) chalk (c) register

9.) _______________ is the workplace of a banker (a) farm (b) school (c) bank

10.) The following are banks in Nigeria except ______ (a) Eco bank (b) PHCN (c) GTBank

11.) __________ is a game or competition where people use physical energy

(a) sport (b) farming (c) reading

12.) ______________ is someone that trains an athlete and a team (a) pastor (b) teacher (c) coach

13.) __________ is a vocation of catching fish for a living (a) swimming (b) fishing (c) diving

14.) ___ is catching fish for sale (a) commercial fishing (b) recreational fishing (c) trade by barter

15.) The following are examples of domesticated birds except ____ (a) lion (b) chicken (c) turkey

16.) The meat of a rooster is called _______ (a) duck (b) turkey (c) chicken

17.) _______________ is a chicken raised for meat (a) broiler (b) layer (c) fowl

18.) The act of dyeing textile or clothing with knots to provide irregular pattern is called ______

(a) sewing (b) tie and dye (c) clothing

19.) Adire is a popular clothing among ____________ (a) Hausa (b) French (c) Yorubas

20.) Dye is prepared from a plant called ____________ (a) crayon (b) indigo (c) charcoal


Vocational Aptitude Pry 2 First Term Examination

21.) ______________ is the process of making woven cloth on a loom

(a) painting (b) cloth-weaving (c) clothing

22.) Akwete is a cloth popular among ___________ (a) Hausas (b) Igbos (c) Yorubas

23.) Another name for a sick person is ________ (a) student (b) suspect (c) patient

24.) ________ takes care of our teeth (a) surgeon (b) dentist (c) nurse

25.) Painting is an act of applying ______ to surface (a) water (b) paint (c) oil

26.) A person who paints is called a _____________ (a) doctor (b) painter (c) driver

27.) The name of the person that does bricklaying is called _____

(a) bricklayer (b) panel beater (c) painter

28.) ______________ is used to carry gravel, sand or mortar (a) head pan (b) hammer (c) cutlass

29.) The means of moving people, goods or things is called _____

(a) journey (b) transportation (c) playing

30.) The following are means of air transportation except ____ (a) helicopter (b) car (c) aeroplane

Section B

1.) State the professionals for these activities

Activities Professionals

(i) Flies plane _____________________________________________

(ii) Snaps picture _____________________________________________

(iii) Sews clothes _____________________________________________

2.) Name the sports and tools used

Sport Tools

(i) Soccer _____________________________________________

(ii) Swimming _____________________________________________

(iii) Boxing _____________________________________________

3.) _______________________________ is the raising of domesticated birds

b.) List three tools used in poultry farming

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________

4.) Define baking _______________________________________________________________


b.) Mention two examples of baked food

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

5.) Explain subsistence agriculture _________________________________________________


b.) Explain commercial agriculture











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