3rd Term Pry 2 Exams Social Studies


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Basic 2

Social Studies

1. The most common means of transportation in Nigeria cities is _____________

(a) Train (b) Car (c) Boat

2. Before accident victims are taken to the hospital, they should be given ______________

(a) First Aid (b) Half Aid (c) Quarter Aid

3. Where should we keep large amounts of money?

(a) House (b) Church (c) Bank

4. Contributions making is a means of saving money.

(a) True (b) False

5. Which of the following gets the least salary?

  1. Engineer (b) Medical Doctor (c) Manual Labourer

6. Which of these cannot be kept in a bank?

  1. Food (b) Gold (c) Money

7. The cheapest means of transporting crude oil is by ___________

(a) Rail (b) Air (c) Sea

8. Which of the following is not an institution for training workers?

(a) University (b) Museum (c) Polytechnic

9. Who builds the roof of a house?

(a) Carpenter (b) Cook (c) Bricklayer

10. Which of these was a means of transportation in the olden days?(a) Bus (b) Car (c) Horse

11. We feel ________ when we are ill. (a) Strong (b) weak (c) Healthy

12. The following are common illness in the community except _______(a) malaria (b) cholera (c) epilepsy

13. ______ is a symptoms of illness (a) headache (b) Eating (c) Dreaming

14. Which of the following is used to preserve food in the home ? (a) Air condition (b) refrigerator (c) Electric Iron

15. Which of the following is used to cool our room ? (a) Refrigerator (b) Television (c) Air conditioner

16. Which of the following enable us to speak with distant people? (a) Television (b) Telephone (c) Radio

17. Which of the following is used to bake cake and bread ? (a) Water-Heater (b) Stove (c) Oven

18. The intake of drugs in large dosage is called ________ (a) Drug abuse (b) Drug mistake (c) Prevention

19. We should confirm from the _______on which type of drug to use when we are sick (a) Teacher (b) Doctor (c) President

20. We should always keep the floor ____________(a) wet (b) clean (c) dirty



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1. (a) Define transportation

(b) Mention the means of transportation

2. (a) What is saving?

(b) Mention the things that can be saved in the bank

3. (a) What is division of labour?

(b) List four jobs you know