3rd Term Pry 2 Exams I.C.T.

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Basic 2


1. Which of these is a storage device?

(a) Flash disk (b) soft disk (c) Light disk

2. Hard disk is a storage device

(a) Yes (b) No

3. The hard disk stores all the computer programs and ________________

(a) movies (b) files (c) songs

4. Devices should not be ________________into the computer drives

(a) put (b) slot (c) forced

5. We must handle the storage device _________________

(a) Carelessly (b) Properly (c) Hardly

6. The floppy disk is also known as _____________

(a) Diskette (b) Flash (c) Zip

7. The diskette can be kept used to store _______________

(a) Money (b) Food (c) Data

8. The diskette should be kept away from _______________

(a) User (b) Dust (c) Air

9. It is not safe to put the diskette under the sum

(a) Yes (b) No


10. The diskette should be kept in a _____________place

(a) wet (b) safe (hot

11.. C.P.U is the ________ of the computer (a) Chest (b) Brain (c) Stomach

12. ______ control most of the activities of the computer (a) Monitor (b) C.P.U (c0 keyboard

13. We have different types of disk drive (a) Yes (b) No (c) Not sure

14. _____ have the ability to read from and write to the disk (a) Cable (b) Keyboard (c) Disk drive

15. Don’t bring ________ object close to CDs (a) Sharp (b) Soft (c) Dull

16. _____ is one of the components of the system unit (a) U.P.S (b) C.P.U (c) V.D.U

17. The _______is part of the component of the system unit (a) Hardware (b) software (c) stear drive

18. Diskettes or CD’s should be insert _____into the drive (a) correctly (b) roughly

19. Diskettes or CD’s should not be ____into the drive (a) inserted (b) stolled (c) forced

20. We should keep ___away from the discs (a) mouse (b) drive (c) magnets


1. What is a storage device?

2. CD mean

3. Draw a floppy disk

4. State two ways of caring for diskette

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