Rewards for obeying school rules and regulations.

Class : Basic 2.
Subject : Civic Education.
Topic : Rewards for obeying school rules and regulations.

Content :
A pupils may receive any of the following rewards if he or she obeys the
the rules and regulations of his or her school.

1. Prizes from the teachers and the school.
2. Awards during school prize-giving
day ceremony.
3. Promotion to the next class.
4. Appointment as school prefect and class monitor.
5. Letters of commendation by the school head teacher.

Punishment for disobeying school rules and regulations.
Any pupils that disobeys the rules and regulations may face any of the following punishments.

1. The pupils may be scolded and warned not to do something wrong again.
2. Pupils may receive punishments in the form of kneeling, canning, cutting the grass, etc.
3. Pupils may be asked to stay away from school for a short time.
4. Pupils may be given extra work which could be in the form of class assignment.
5. Pupils may not get promotion to the next class.
6. Pupils may be asked not to come to school again.

It is not good to be sent away from school.
It brings shame and disgrace to the pupil and his or her family.
It may also affect the education of the pupil and his or her future. We must obey school rules and regulations to avoid being sent away from school.



Questions :

1. Mention three ways by which a well – behaved pupil could be rewarded by the school.
a. —————————
b. ————————–
c. ————————–
2. Lists any three punishment given to pupils that disobey rules and
a ————————
b. ————————
c. ———————–
3. It is not good to be sent away from school.( Yes/No)

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