First Term Primary 4 Examinations Basic Science & Technology

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First Term Primary 4


Class: Basic 4

Class: Science & Technology

1. ________ is one of the natural causes of erosion

(A) Sun (B) Rain (C) Star

2. Pollution is the release of _______into the environment

(a) Water (b) Harmful substances (c) Currency

3. Where should we dump refuse?

(a) On the ground (b)In a waste bin (c) Inside the gutter

4. We can keep a healthy through regular ____________of our environment

(a) Burning (b) Cleaning (c) Damaging

5. ___________can be used to beautify the school surrounding

(a) Flowers (b) Broken bottles (C) Stones particles

6. ………. Is the contamination of the environment [a] renewal [b] sanitation [c] pollution

7. …………. Erosion lowers the level of soil by wearing it away [a] true [b] false [c]all of the above

8. We should leave in a ………. Environment [a] dirty [b] polluted [c] neat

9 All these can cause erosion except … [a] running water [b] wind [c] insect

10. Waste in solid form is known as .. [a] refuse [b]gas [c] dirty



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1. What is erosion

2. Mention three major causes of erosion

  1. Explain four (4) things we can do to keep our environment healthy.
  2. Mention two types of waste.