First Term Primary 4 Examinations Civic Education

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First Term Primary 4


Class: Basic 4

Class: Civic Education


1. ______ is a building where people live in order to provide comfort

(a) Bush (b) House (c) Garage

2. The following are services provided by Government except

(a) Destruction life (b) Maintenance of peace (c) Education

3. Leadership is the ability to lead and _______ people

(a) Mislead (b) Obey (c) Direct

4. Natural disasters are caused by

(a) Men (b) Nature (c) Animals

5. The following are causes of natural disasters except

(a) Heavy rain (b) Climate change (c) Sunshine

6. A poorly constructed house may ……….. [a] collapse [b] be shallow [c] rare

7. Poor service would make people …….. [a] merry [b] patriotic [c] unhappy

8. A disaster is a ……….. that happens suddenly and causes failure. [a] bad event [b] good thing [c] sudden celebration.

9. The government should always provide….. service [a] rejection [b] good [c] poor

10. Provision of social amenities should be the sole responsibility of government. [a] yes [b] no [c] none of the above


1(a) explain the meaning of house

b. List three types of house

2. Mention three social amenities provided by the government.

3. What is disaster

4. Give the types of disaster.