Primary 3 Examinations Third Term Civic Education



Choose the correct answer from the options.

1. ___________ symbols have international recognition

[a] other [b] National [c] local

2. We should ________________ constituted authority

[a] fight [b] respect [c] disobey

3. ___________ is an examples of modern toilet

[a] bucket latrine [b] water closet [c] pit toilet

4. Whose picture is on the #20 note [a] General Muritala Muhammad [b] Alvan Ikoku [c] Sir Fredrick Lugard

5. The following are effects of drug abuse expect ___________

[a] dizziness [b] take prescribed drugs only [c] loss of weight

6. The green light on the traffic light means _____________

[a] ready [b] stop [c] go

7. __________ are illegal substance that people take or inject into their body

[a] drugs [b] food [c] drug abuse

8. An ___________ is a traditional ruler

[a] sailor [b] police [c] emir

9. ______________ is very easy to maintain

[a] Traditional toilet [b] modern toilet [c] urine place

10. Constituted authority is a group of people with the power to _____________

[a] misbehave [b] kill other people

[c] Lead and control other people

11. ……………… are those things the law allows people to do in a given society

[a] kite [b] rights [c] rites

12. Freedom of the ………………… is another component of civic education

[a] education [b] law [c] citizen

13. __________ is the government agency that is in charge of food and drugs.

[a] CAN [b] NAFDAC [c] NDLEA

14. A new Nigeria national anthem was introduced in the year ………………..

[a] 1960 [b] 1978 [c] 1982

15. The green colour of Nigeria flag represents ……………………..

[a] unity [b] peace [c] agriculture

16) Someone who is a member of a country is a__________ (a) suspect (b) criminal (c) citizen (d) saint

16) Which of these is not among the duties of citizens to authority? (a) dishonesty (b) loyalty (c) respect (d) patriotism

17) Road traffic signs tells road uses how to _______ on the oad (a) play (b) dance (c) sit (d) move

18) The road sign on the traffic light means ________ (a) go (b) ready (c) stop (d) jump

19) Which of these is an agency enforcing traffic regulations (a) NAFDAC (b) NDLEA (c) PHCN (d) FRSC

20) Traffic offenders should be _______ (a) killed (b) fined (c) hanged (d) blessed


21) _______ is a sudden and unpleasant event which causes injury (a) license (b) accident (c) speed (d) regulations

22) People who are involved in accidents are called ________ (a) victims (b) criminals (c) sadist (d) elite

23) What type of clothes should be worn during hot weather? (a) cardigan (b) jacket (c) coat (d) silky clothes

24) _________ crossing tells road users to stop for people on foot to cross (a) lion (b) dog (c) zebra (d) horse



Attempt all questions in this section

1. Define drug abuse

b. List two agencies that control drug in Nigeria

2. What is community sanitation ?

b. Give 3 ways we can keep our community clean

3. State three people who can administer drugs.

b. List 4 effects of drug abuse.

4. What is toilet ?

b. Mention three types of toilet

5. Write 3 ways of maintaining toilet facilities.