Basic Science Nursery 1 Second Term Examination




1. Living things can move from one place to another

(a) True (b) false

2. ________ is a living thing

(a)Stone (b)Hen (c) stick

3. non living things ________

(a) can walk (b) cannot walk

4. _______ makes work eay

(a) simple machine (b) Long machine

5. Simple machine needs electricity

(a) Yes (b) N0

6. ________________ is a simple machine

(a) broom (b) car (c) Television

7.The cutlass is used for __________

(a) Cutting (b) sweeping

8. -_______ is the top layer of the earth in which plant grow

(a) Air (b) Soli (c) water

9. _______ is the mixture of gases

(a) Water (b) soil (c) Air

10. Water is odourless, colourless and tasteless ________

(a) Gas (b) Solid (c) liquid

11. Soil is important to all these except

(a) plants (b) animal

12. _______ is a living things that can be breath in water

(a) fish (b) man (c) lion

13. We breath in ____________

(a) Wter (b) Air (c) Dust

14. fan can be used to blow _____

(a) Air (b) water (c) book

15. Water can be used for the following except ____

(a) sleeping (b) Drinking (c) cooking

16. Tap water is not good for drinking

(a) yes (b) No

17. Water that fall from the sky is called _____ water

(a) (a) Wind (b) Air (c) Rain

18. As a young child , is it safe to walk alone on the road

(a) Yes (b) No

19. When crossing the road I must ____________ my left and right hand

(a) watch (b) wish (c) wash

20. If the road is busy is it safe to cross

(a) yes (b) No


1. Mention five (5) simple machine

2. Match the following simple machine with what they are used for :

i. Broom for cutting grass

ii. knife for eating food

iii. scissors For sweeping floor

iv. cutlass for cutting cloth

v. spoon For cutting meat




















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