SOCIAL Habit NURSERY 1 Examination


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CLASS:         NURSERY 1


  1. Good children must be _____ to their parents. (a) helpful     (b) fight
  2. Is it good to fight with one another at home? (a) yes    (b) no
  3. ______ help their parent at home. (a) goat  (b) children
  4. Children must _____ their parent. (a) love   (b) hate
  5. Children must ______ parent. (a) greet (b) abuse
  6. Children must emulate _________ (a) behavior (b) bad
  7. We must _____ the floor when we wake in the morning. (a) sweep    (b) slip
  8. We wash our clothes when they are ______ (a) clean (b) dirty
  9. I ________ my mother in kitchen (a) help  (b) slap
  10. We must ______ our elders. (a) respect                (b) disgrace
  11. Human immunodeficiency virus means

         (a) HIV                   (b) HID


  1. An orphan has parent

         Yes  / No

  1. . Mosquitoes transfers HIV

         Yes / No         

  1. __________ is  a form of drug abuse

         (a) Over dose  (b) Normal dose


  1. . Follow ______ instructions when using drugs

         (a) Doctor’s     (b) Lawyer

  1. Special children need love and care

         Yes / No

  1. A child  has right to survival

         Yes / No

  1. People living  with Hiv  / Aids needs care

         Yes / No

  1. Orphan live in ________________

         (a) orphanage          (b) Orchard

  1. . Hiv / Aids can be prevented
  2. Parent must ______________their children (a) Protect (b) steal
  1. We must protect our friends from

(a) danger                                                                                                                     (b) help

  1. Parent must show ———–to their children

(a) hatred                                                                            (b) love

  1. A child must not cross the busy _________

(a) talk                                                                            (b) road

  1. We use drugs when we are ___________

(a) strong                                                                            (b) sick

  1. We can _________drug from pharmacist
    (a) build (b) buy
  2. ________can recommend drugs for us

(a) Shoemaker                                   (b) doctor

  1. ________ is a drug

(a) paracetamol                                                                            (b) tomato

  1. Drug abuse can lead to __________

(a) life                                   (b) death

  1. Taken overdose or too much is

(a) bad                                   (b) good



Answer Yes / No in this section


  1. Is it good to smoke cigarette ________
  2. Is it good to play with bad friends ________
  3. List three (3) uses of water









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