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    Edu Delight Tutors LAGOS 3RD TERM EXAMINATION CLASS: Nursery II SUBJECT: Quantitative Reasoning Circle the biggest number in the following 1. 24 215 200 218 _____ 18 140 125 47 _____ 90 136 190 18 _____ Re-arrange the following 4. 9 10 8 11 7 _____ _____ ____ ___ ____ 5. 25 22

Nursery 2 Scheme of work Second Term

TERM TWO                                                                                                                                                       PAGE  4   Week 1   Topic: Review of two and three lettered words .read and write capital letters   Objectives :At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to pronounce , write two and three lettered words , andwrite the letters of the alphabet in capital.   Lesson: 4 Lessons

Nursery 2 Exams Basic Science

SUBJECT: SCIENCE/ HEALTH EDUCATION CLASS: NURSERY 2 1. _____ is part of the body (a) eye (b) rice 2. We walk with our ____(a) tongue (b) legs Circle the correct examples of these classes of food. 3. Carbohydrate (a) meat (b) yam 4. Fat & oil (a) maize (b) groundnut oil 5. ____ is the

Nursery 2 Exams CRS

SUBJECT: C.R.S CLASS: NURSERY 2 1. _____ tempts Jesus Christ (a) John (b) Satan 2. Satan asked Jesus to turn stones to ______(a) wine (b) bread 3. Jesus told Peter “follow me and I will make you ____(a) fisher of men (b) fisher of food 4. God first called Peter, Andrew James and _____(a) Samuel

Nursery 2 Exams Creative Art

SUBJECT: CREATIVE ARTS CLASS: NURSERY 2 Use some shapes to draw human body. 1. Circle for head, eyes and mouth 2. Triangle for nose and ears 3. Square for body 4. Rectangle for hands and legs Colour mixture: __________ + _______ = orange ————————————————————————————– SUBJECT: CREATIVE ARTS CLASS: NURSERY 2 Use some shapes to draw

Nursery 1 Art Exams

SUBJECT: CULTURAL ARTS CLASS: NURSERY 1 1. Trace J and colour green Colour the Jet in red Trace M and colour with blue Colour a mango with green


C.R.K TIME: 1 HOUR CLASS: NURSERY TWO NAME OF PUPIL________________ ______________ DATE __________ 1. Who is the creator of heaven and the earth? (a) Satan (b) God 2. What are the things God created? (a) Plant, animals and man (b) spoon, broom and shoes. 3. God is our heavenly father. Yes /No 4. God loves

Social Habits Nursery 2 First Term Exams

PHYSICAL SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT TIME: 1 HOUR CLASS: NURSERY TWO NAME OF PUPIL_________________ __________________ DATE __________ 1. ____________ is the ability to move from one place to another. (a) Movement (b) dancing 2. What is movement? (a) Movement is when somebody is sitting (b) movement is moving from one place to another 3. What

Basic Science Nursery 2 First Term Exams

BASIC SCIENCE TIME: 1 HOUR CLASS: NURSERY TWO NAME OF PUPIL______________________ _____________ DATE __________ 1. Orange, green and purple are _______________(a) primary colours (b) secondary colours 2. Yellow, red and blue are _______ (a) secondary colours (b) primary colours 3. Living things are those things that have ________ in them (a) life (b) hope 4.
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