1st Term Examination HOME ECONOMICS 16 Basic 5

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


  1. Because of our health, homes should have _________ bedroom and toilet (a)dirty (b)untidy (c)clean ()semi dirty
  2. ______ are fixed on the walls around the bath in a modern bathroom to make cleaning easier (a)carpet (b)tiles (c)rug (d)nylon
  3. One of the following is not a type of toilet (a)pit latrine (b)shower toilet (c)bucket latrine (d)water closet toilet
  4. One of the following brushes is not required for cleaning bathroom and toilet (a)toilet brush (b)scrubbing brush (c)shoe brush (d)disinfectant
  5. The sink in the kitchen is usually placed under a _________ (a)cupboard (b)drum (c)window (d)cooler
  6. _________ is the main meal of the day and it should be a well balanced meal (a)breakfast (b)lunch (c)dinner (d)hot drink
  7. ________ is a good breeding ground for insects (a)clean gutter (b)neat drainage (c)dirty gutter (d)nice drainage system
  8. ________ should not be purchased in bulk when shopping (a)perishable food (b)non perishable (c)beans (d)yam
  9. Which of these accidents is less severe? (a)fall (b)burn (c)suffocation (d)dislocation
  10. One of the following cannot be polished (a)can (b)glass (c)wood (d)furniture
  11. Home economics is divided into home management, clothing and textile and _______ (a)cooking (b)sewing (c)textile (d)kitchen management
  12. Good ______ is needed for health boy and mind (a)ventilation (b)school (c)church (d)intelligence
  13. All these are used in a washing and cleaning day except _________ (a)starch (b)detergent (c)soap (d)none of the above
  14. One thing people always notice about you is your ________ (a)job (b)food (c)sleep (d)posture
  15. Taking good care of one’s personal appearance is known as ________ (a)good living (b)neatness (c)good grooming (d)boating
  16. _________ is the point where two or more layers of fabric, leather or other materials are held or fixed together with stitches (a)confluence (b)joint (c)seam (d)junction
  17. Seams are finished with a variety of techniques TRUE/FALSE
  18. __________ seam is used for making babies clothes (a)French (b)flat (c)lapped (d)bound
  19. Flat seam cannot used in under garments and in knitted items TRUE/FALSE
  20. A _____ is a treatment that secures and neatens the raw edges of a plair seam to prevent reveling (a)run and fall seam (b)flat seam (c)seam finish (d)lapped seam


Answer any four (4) questions

  1. Give five (5) reasons for cleaning our homes, classrooms and environment
  2. Mention five tools and agents for cleaning the home
  3. Mention five processes for cleaning the home
  4. (a)What is a seam?

(b)Mention three types of seam

  1. Describe how to make a French seam
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