The Sister of either your father or mother is your




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CLASS: PRIMARY    5                                           




Instruction: Choose the correct answer from the options lettered a – d.


1.)  The Sister of either your father or mother is your ___________.                (a) sister (b) aunt (c) in-law (d) cousin


2.)  A group of  people related by marriage or adoption is ____________ (a) marriage (b) relation (c) family (d) community


3.)  What helps you identify yourself and people who are like you?                  (a) religion  (b) diversity (c) honesty (d) culture


4.)  In Nigeria, there are over ________ ethnic groups. (a) 250 (b) 205                    c) 1500 (d) 150


5.)  ___________ is important because it is through it family is raised.                (a) marriage (b) marry (c) custom (d) time


6.)  HIV causes ___________ . (a) STDs  (b) AIDS (c) DIAs  (d) ARVs


7.)  There are _______  types of  religion practiced in Nigeria. (a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 2 (d) 5


8.)  An example of a type of STDs is _____________. (a) Herpes (b) Koli (c) Herbs (d) cough


9.)  In polygamous marriage, the man is allowed or free to marry _______ wife. (a) one (b) two (c) three (d) more than one


10.)                     One essential services provided by the government for the people include the following except _________. (a) schools                     (b) employment (c) biro (d) radio services


11.)                     The first World war took place between _________________. (a) 1914 and 1930 (b) 1914 and 1918 (c) 1983 and 1993                            (d) 1941 and 1981


12.)                     In Nigeria, there are _______ States. (a) 26 (b) 16 (c) 46 (d) 36


13.)                     The president of the Federal republic of Nigeria is His Excellency _______________________ (a) Mohammed Buhari               (b) Musa Yaradua (c) Goodluck Jonthan Ebele (d) Raji Fashola


14.)                     The Capital of Nigeria is _____________. (a) benin (b) Ankara (c) Abuja (d) Niger


15.)                     How many continents do we have in the world? (a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 9


16.)                     In one of the planets, the ___________ is where human beings live. (a) Sun (b) moon (c) earth (d) star


17.)                     One of the advantage of living together in a family is that it promotes _______________. (a) peace (b) quarrel (c) fight                      (d) displeasure


18.)                     The head of a secondary school is ____________. (a) Principal (b) Provost (c) Vice-Chancellor (d) President


19.)                     The capital of Edo State is _______________. (a) Yenogua (b)Benin (c) Delta (d) Ijaw


20.)                     A place where people meet to buy and sell goods is a ___________. (a) mall (b) shop (c) store (d) market  


Section B: Theory


1a.) ECOWAS stands for ________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________


1b.) Mention two reason why people get married


2a.) Itemise five things parents can give their school children


2b.) Who are your grand parents?


3a.) Mention five Languages spoken in Nigeria


3b.) Write ten States in Nigeria.


4a.) Mention .five services government provides for its citizens.


4b.) Provide three names of the religious leaders in Nigerian religion


5a.) Copy and complete the table below:


The Sister of either your father or mother is yourReligion                          Place of worship            Book of worship i.                   Islam                    _____________            ______________



      Christianity          _____________            ______________  


5b.) Mention the members that can be found in an organized school.    




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