The following are steps taken in raising field crops

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CLASS: PRIMARY 5                                  








1.) __________ can be formed when rocks are broken down into smaller pieces. (a) sand (b) soil (c) stones


2.) There are _______ types of soil. (a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 3


3.) There are ____________ processes of soil formation. (a) six (b) three              (c) five



4.) The following are procedure for raising farm crops except ____________ (a) tilling (b) timing (c) planting


5.) The following are steps taken in raising field crops except ___________. (a) Littering (b) planting (c) weeding


6.) The agents of soil formation are the following except __________                  (a) rainfall (b) wind (c) termites


7.) All of the following are the processes of weathering except ___________ (a) physical processes (b) biological processes (c) cleaning processes


8.) The following are examples of crops except ___________ (a) cereals               (b) legumes (c) paper



9.) _________ are crops that are cultivated for their root, stems and leaves. (a) virustable (b) vegastable (c) vegetable


10.) __________ are crops that are used to make nourishing drinks.                    (a) Beverages (b) Butter mints (c) Bitter lea


f 11.) __________ are large animals with complex stomach divided into four. (a) Ruminat animals (b) Rominant animals (c) Ruminant animals



12.) Animals that live in water are called __________. (a) Animals                   (b) Aquatic animals (c) Aquarium animals



13.) Animals that live on land are called ________________ (a) Terrestrial animals (b) Tresstial  animals (c) Teminestial animal


s 14.) A young turkey is called _________ (a) poult (b) poultry (c) poetric


15.) A young rabbit is called __________ (a) fryer (b) boiler (c) frying


16.)Young animals requires special care for proper _________ and ________ (a) grow and develop (b) growing and developing (c) growth and development


17.) _____________ environment is essential in raising young animals.


18.) Animals feed must contain all classes of _________. (a) food (b) water (c) oil


19.) Proteins, carbohydrates, fat and oil, minerals and vitamin are needed for proper _________ and ___________ of the animals. (a) grow and develop (b) grown and developed (c) growth and development


20.) __________ helps in promoting the general well being of animals.                   (a) protein (b) vitamin (c) fat and oils



  Section B: Theory


1a.) Explain how soil is formed


1b.) List five agents of soil formation.



  2a.) List three processes of soil formation.



2b.) Mention four classification of crops based on their uses.  



3a.) Mention two classification of farm animal based on feeding.



3b.) Mention two classification of farm animals based on habitation.  




4a.) List five procedures of raising farm crops. 4b.) List steps to be taken in raising field crop  



5a.) List five examples of farm animals.


5b.) Complete the table: The following are steps taken in raising field crops                    

  Farm Animals             Young Ones   

i.)     Cattle                          __________________   

ii.)      Sheep                         __________________   

iii.)      Pig                            __________________    

iv.)      Chicken                    __________________     

v.)      Ducks                       __________________

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