The mixture of two primary colour gives FIRST TERM EXAMINATION PRIMARY 4 CREATIVE ART

1.) ______ is the expression of one’s feelings, thoughts and ideas (a) ant (b) art (c) tar (d) rat
2.) Art is broadly divided into ____________  groups  
(a) 5   (b) 2   (c) 7   (d) 3
3.) “Art” in a Latin word means _______________
(a) to-thing-well (b) to-fight-well (c) to-do-well (d) to-rough-well
The line drawn below is called
(a) horizontal (b) curve (c) zig-zag (d) vertical
5.) The mixture of two primary colour gives ______ colour
tertiary (b) secondary (c) primary (d) kindergarten
6.) The shape drawn is a _____________ (a) cube (b) cuboid (c) cone (d) cylinder
7.) Tonal graduation can be done by using which of the following
(a) brush (b) poster colour (c) pencil (d) marker
8.) How many colour has a rainbow (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 7 (d) 5
9.) Red + Yellow = _______ (a) orange (b) purple (c) green
10.) Art is used for communication (a) True (b) False (c) maybe
11.) There are basically _____________ types of colour (a) 3 (b) 5 (c) 12 (d) 7
12.) In the rainbow colours “ROYGBIV” I stands for ________ while O represent _________ (a) purple/orange (b) indigo/orange (c) indigo/yellow (d) violet/red
13.) When two secondary colours are mixed together, a _________ colour is formed
(a) primary (b) tertiary (c) secondary (d) university
14.) Which of the following is an example of secondary colour?
(a) blue (b) orange (c) yellow (d) red
15.) Blue + _______________ = purple   (a) yellow (b) red (c) green (d) black
Section B: Theory
1.) Draw a big flower vase and colour it green
2.) Draw a house using the element of design
3.) Draw the following shapes:
(i) Cone (ii) Cuboid
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