1st Term Examination AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE Basic 5

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


  1. Agriculture simply means ______ (a)a people’s way of life (b)ability to vote and be voted for (c)the practice of growing crops and rearing animals for man’s food, shelter and medicine (d)the study of the earth
  2. Crops need all these to grow well except _________ (a)adequate water (b)poor soil (c)good climate condition (d)mineral salt
  3. The rearing of animals provides man with all these except _______ (a)meat (b)income (c)water (d)egg and milk
  4. Birds like chickens, ducks, turkey , peacock, etc kept for their meat or eggs are called ______ (a)birds (b)nestling (c)poultry (d)amphibians
  5. _________ is the changing of agricultural produce from their raw forms to other useful forms (a)breaking (b)destruction (c)processing (d)storage
  6. When cassava is processed we can get all these form it except __________ (a)milo (b)garri (c)cassava flour (d)African salad
  7. Agricultural products are often taken to the ________ for sale (a)school (b)church (c)market (d)workshop
  8. All these are products of cotton EXCEPT ______ (a)needle (b)textiles (c)materials for clothes (d)thread
  9. Some plants (herbs) are mixed with alcohol, palm wine etc to make some local drugs TRUE/FALSE
  10. Lemon grass, neem (dogoyaro) are not medicinal TRUE/FALSE
  11. An agriculturist that specializes in the production of vegetable crops are called _______ (a)crop scientists (b)animal scientist (c)horticulturist (d)bush men
  12. People who engage in the processing of harvested farm products into more useful materials are called _________ (a)gardeners (b)teachers (c)processors (d)destroyers
  13. ________ is the preventing of farm produce from getting spoilt and wasting it at the end (a)preservation (b)procreation (c)irrigation (c)pasteurization
  14. Preservation of farm produce prevents possible contamination and infection TRUE/FALSE
  15. Spoilage results from the activities of all these except _________ (a)insects and rodents (b)micro-organisms (c)proper storage (d)effects of weather
  16. Yams are stored in ________ (a)barns (b)bags (c)can (d)silo
  17. Grains like rice, beans, millets, maize etc can be stored in all these except (a)refrigerator (b)bags (c)cribs (d)silos
  18. Meat, milk, fish and their products are usually persevered by ________ storage (a)warm (b)open (c)cold (d)dry
  19. The preservation of food or farm produce with dry edible salt is called _________ (a)seasoning (b)edifying (c)smoking (d)salting
  20. Frying is the cooking of food in or another _______ and ________ (a)water, petrol (b)oil, fat (c)kerosene, diesel (d)all of the above


Answer any four questions

  1. (a)What is agriculture?

(b)Mention three (3) benefits of agriculture

  1. (a)What is preservation?

(b)State three (3) reasons for preservation of farm produce

  1. (a)Explain the term ‘farmland’

(b)Explain using examples the meaning of the followings:

  1. Perishable farm produce
  2. Non – perishable farm produce
  3. List five methods f farm produce preservation
  4. (a)Mention three foods/farm produce that can be preserved by canning

(b)Mention any two (2) farm produce that can be preserved by bagging


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