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Subject : 


Term :



Week 5

Class :

Primary 4


Instructional Materials :

  • Wall charts
  • Pictures
  • Related Online Video
  • Flash Cards

Methods of Teaching :

  • Class Discussion
  • Group Discussion
  • Asking Questions
  • Explanation
  • Role Modelling
  • Role Delegation


Reference Materials :

  • Scheme of Work
  • Online Information
  • Textbooks
  • Workbooks
  • 9 Year Basic Education Curriculum
  • Workbooks


Content :


Class: Basic 4

Subject: English

Duration: 40 minutes

Topic: A. Speech Work: Debate “A farmer is more Importance than a teacher B. Structure: Passage based on construction with The past tense, past perfect tense C. Reading: Teaching of new words meaning Comprehension D. Grammar: Passage based on construction with Prepositional verbs and phrasal verb E. Writing: Composition on “My school” F. Dictation: Selected words from the passage read


A. Speech Work: Debate “A farmer is more Importance than a teacher

Hold a debate in class on the topic: The farmer is more important than a teacher.


1 Listen attentively to your teacher as he explains how to hold the debate.

2 Work in groups. Discuss your ideas with members of your group.

3 The proposers are to prepare a speech to move the motion, that is, to support the motion that ‘The farmer is more important than a teacher’

4 The opposers are to prepare a speech to move against the motion, that is, to oppose the motion.

5 The audience (the rest of the class) are to ask questions of the speakers.

6 Points/scores are to be given to the speakers based on:

points made b) fluency c) composure d) appearance


Write a composition in support of or against the motion that “The farmer is more important than a teacher”


Writing: Composition on “My school”

My school

My school is in Jos. It is called Victory Nursery and Primary School. It is an international school. We have children from other countries. There are some children from India,

Ghana, and Lebanon. There are more Nigerian children in my school than children

from other countries.

My school is built with red bricks. It is very clean and beautiful. All around the compound, there are flower beds, with roses, sunflowers, bougainvillea, and many other beautiful plants. We take care of them in our science lessons, but we are not allowed to pick the flowers.

Our classroom is full of pictures on the walls and there are many books. The nature corner is at the back of our classroom. Our teachers are always making bright teaching cards, and they show us how to make many interesting things with cards. We have a library in my school, so we do a lot of reading. There is also a computer room in my


There are 500 pupils in my school. Our headmistress is Mrs Boyo and my class teacher is Mrs Amu. I am in Primary Four. There are three Primary Four classes named

Blue class, Yellow class, and Green class. I am in Yellow class. There are 20 pupils in my class.

When we celebrate our Founder’s Day at school, we wear our national costumes for different cultural plays and dances. The Lebanese and Indian children always look very pretty in their costumes. We Nigerian children also look beautiful in our different costumes.

I like my school very much. We are the luckiest and happiest children in Jos.


Read the passage again, then write a similar essay about your own school by answering these questions.

1 In what city is your school?

2 What is the name of your school?

3 How many pupils are in your school?

4 Are there pupils from other countries in your school?

5 In what class are you?

6 What colour is your classroom painted?

7 What happens on your Founder’s Day?

8 Do you organise any plays or cultural displays?

9 If you do, what type of costumes do you use on such occasions?

10 Are you usually happy at the end of the Founder’s Day celebrations?


D. Grammar: Passage based on construction with Prepositional verbs and phrasal verb

A prepositional verb is an idiomatic expression that combines a verb and a preposition to make a new verb with a distinct meaning. Some examples of prepositional verbs in English are care for, long for, apply for, approve of, add to, resort to, result in, count on, and deal with.



agree with                                            “I agree with you 100%.”

approve of                                           “My parents didn’t approve of me leaving university.”

believe in                                             “He’s 11 years old but he still believes in the tooth fairy.”

care for                                                “She’s a nurse. She cares for the elderly.”

consist of                                             “What does your course consist of?”

decide on                                             “We need to decide on the budget for next year.”

depend on                                            “I’m not sure if we’ll go out. It depends on the weather.”

deal with                                               “Our manager has several problems to deal with.”

get on                                                   “Get on! The train is about to leave!”

get off                                                   “We arrived at the museum and got off the bus.”


phrasal verb is a verb that is made up of a main verb together with an adverb or a preposition, or both

2000+ Common Phrasal Verbs List From A-Z | English verbs, Learn ...

Comparing a prepositional verb to a phrasal verb

While the meaning of a phrasal verb is often different to the original meaning of the main verb, the meaning of a prepositional verb is usually the same as the main verb. Phrasal verbs also use adverbs as well as prepositions, whereas prepositional verbs do not.

Phrasal verbs are also often separated by nouns and pronouns. For example,


  1. Fill ____ the form, please.
  2. The music is too loud. Could you turn _____ the volume, please?
  3. Quick, get _______ the bus or you’ll have to walk home.
  4. Turn ____ the lights when you go to bed.
  5. Do you mind if I switch __ the TV? I’d like to watch the news.
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