SUBJECT: Agricultural Science 


1. Good seeds, stem cutting, fertilizer, weeding and pest killing chemicals are ____

(a) materials needed to stop farming (b) materials needed for bush-fallowing

(c) materials needed for growing crops (d) materials needed for building houses

2. It is good to note that too much of chemicals is not good for crops as they may _____

(a) build the body of the fruits (b) burn the leaves of crops and eventually kill them

(c) promote the roots (d) expand the leaves

3. The first step to take when growing ornamental plants is ____

(a) nursery bed preparation (b) planting (c) land clearing (d) weeding

4.. The last step to take when growing ornamental plants is ____

(a) manuring (b) pruning (c) transplanting (d) watering

5. Ornamental plants are flower plant that are used to ____ (a) pointing to the house owner (b) warning the stranger of where to pass (c) adding to the beauty of a house (d) all of the above

6. Compost is formed through ____

(a) re-cycled iron (b) re-cycled rubber (c) plant and animal matter (d) air

7. Compost improves_____ (a) house warming (b) human food (c) atmosphere (d) solid structure

I  8.ndustrial compost can be produced through ____ (a) waste materials generated within a particular place (b) waste iron (c) waste chemicals (d) waste oil

9.  The two basic methods of making compost are _____ (a) air and breeze methods

(b) pit and heap methods (c) water and cold methods (d) harrowing and ploughing methods

10. The most important factor of production is _____

(a) money (b) land (c) management (d) labour

11. Land can be used in the following ways except ____ (a) growing of food and arable crops (b) growing of grasses (c) planting forest trees (d) reserve for air space

12. Crop farm tools are instruments farmers used to _____ (a) fight his co-farmers (b) work at mechanic workshop (c) carry out simple farming operations (d) fight during the war

13. Wheelbarrow is used for ____ (a) cutting of the grasses (b) digging ground

(c) carrying poultry and animal dung

14. Feeding and watering troughs are used to ____ (a) inject animals (b) give farm animals feed and water (c) catch fish in the water (d) wash farm animals

15 .One of the maintenance of farm tools is ____

(a) wash and dry the farm tools after use (b) putting in the bush after use

(c) keeping under the ground after use (d) store on the dunghill after use.

16. One of the steps to take in making compost is ____ (a) gathering of stones (b) digging pits

(c) gathering of refuse (d) ploughing of the land

17. How many pits are required to dig in compost making (a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 4 (d) 5

18. In agriculture, pruning means _____ (a) planting of the seed (b) harvesting of crops

(c) trimming some of the branches (d) digging of the ground

19 .The following are maintenances and care of farm tools except___ (a) putting inside fire every day (b) putting inside sun everyday (c) store in a cool dry place (d) putting inside the bush

20 .The three factors of productions are (a) Food, ar and live (b) land, labour and capital

(c) vehicle, house and food (d) workers, cars and houses


1 .Mention five ways of maintaining animals farm tools

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

(e) ________________________________

2. What are the uses of the following crop farm tools

Cutlass ________________________________________________________________




Hand trowel_____________________________________________________________

N.B: One function or use for each

3. Mention at least five basic factors of production

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

(e) ________________________________

4. Compost is ________________________________________________________________

b.) The two basic methods of making compost are _____________ and _____________ methods

5. Mention four materials needed for growing crops

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

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