Basic Science Pry 5 Second Term Revision

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Basic Science Pry 5 Second Term Revision

Answer the following questions 

Part A Objectives

Edu Delight Tutors Basic Science and Technology Primary 5 Second Term Revision 

  1. ________ animals are animals that live with us at home (à) Domestic (b) Wild (c) Strange

  2. Most domestic animals are ______ and not wild (a) tamed (b) frustrated (c) dead

  3. Domestic animals that are kept for companionship, friendship or security are known as __________(a) farm Animals (b) pets (c) whales

  4. ______ animals are kept purposely for sales or for consumption (a) Farm (b) Pet (c) Weak

  5. Dogs and cats are examples of _______ animals (a) domestic (b) party (c) wild

  6. Goats provide farmers with _____  and ________(a) eggs and feather (b) hide and skin (c) bread and butter

  7. _______is mostly used in the temperate region because it is known as the ship of the desert (a) Donkey (b) Horse (c) Camel

  8. Chicken provides farmers with _________and __________(a) hide and skin (b) milk and meat (c) eggs and feather

  9. ________ is the bony framework of the body that gives the body its shape and supports movement (a) Framework (b) Pillar (c) Skeleton

  10. There are about _________bones in the body of a fully grown up adult (a) 603 (b) 504 (c) 206

  11. Bones are made up of ____and _____(a) calcium and collagen (b) flesh and blood (c) water and spirit

  12. The._________in the human bones give the bones its strength, sturdy and flexibility (a) calcium (b) phosphorus (c) caustic soda

  13. The ________protects the human brain (a) skull (b) rib (c) scapular

  14. The eye sockets protect the eye  ______(a) balls (b) bulb (c) globe

  15. _______-_is the longest bone in human body (a) tibia (b) femur (c) teeth

  16. The thigh bone is call the _____–(a) femur (b) tibia (c) long leg

  17. The short bones are located in the ______ and _______(a) ankles and wrists (b) neck and shoulder (c) hips and buttocks

  18. The ______bones are the  scapulas(a) long (b) flat (c) irregular

  19. The sesamoid bones are located between the ______ (a) joints (b) neck (c) breast

  20. The bones of the fingers are collectively called the ________(a) phalanges (b) vertebra columns (c) muscles

Part B


Write out your answers in simple plain clear easy to understand English language

Extra Marks will be awarded for legibility of writing and clear presentation of thoughts

1. What are muscles

2. What are vertebrates

3. What is skeleton

4. What are joints

5. Mention two function of human muscles

6. Mention two types of human muscles

7. List two functions of joints

8. What is reproduction

9. What is pollination

10. Mention two agents of pollination