Various Methods of Shape Construction By Folding, Bending With Cutting Tools and Materials like Paper, Wood Or Metal

Subject : BASIC Science and Technology


Class : BASIC 4


Topic : shape construction with paper and the various concepts and materials that are used fir shape construction


Term :Third Term


Week : Week 6


Behavioural Objectives : At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to create varuios shapes that can be used as teaching aids . They should also be able to mention various materials that  can be used to create these shapes.


Previous Knowledge : The pupils have been taught identification of ICT gadgets


Instructional Materials :  Textbooks, cardboards, online materials


Content :

Shapes are forms, looks, images or appearance of objects, humans or things

There are two major classification of shapes which are 2D shapes and 3D shapes

2D shapes are two dimensional shapes which are plain shapes with length and breadth

Examples of 2D shapes are rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, trapezium etc


3D shapes are solid version of the 2D shapes. They are solid shapes with length, breadth and height.

Examples of 3D shapes are cubiod, cube, pyramid, sphere, etc


We can make shapes in the following ways

1. By using cutting tools like razor blade, knives or scissors to cut the paper into various pieces of different shapes and sizes. These shapes and sizes cam later be joined together to form cubes or cones


2. We can also make various shapes from pieces of paper by folding the pieces of paper into different shapes, forms or appearance. We can also make letters of the alphabet from pieces of paper by folding them 



3. Various shapes can be made from pieces of paper by cutting. This is called cut outs. We can use pièces of paper to make various cut out like squares, rectangle, triangles, circles etc 


4. When pièces of paper are cut into various pieces, cello tape or gum or glue can be used to join these paper together to form shapes 




Step 1 The class teacher review and revises the past and previously taught topics that have been taught in the past 


Step 2. The teacher presents the new topic to the pupils 


Step 3 : He allows the pupils to give their own contributions and he corrects them when the needs arise 


Evaluation :  

1. What are shapes 

2. What are 2D shapes 

3. What are the materials that are needed for cutting paper into pieces to form different shapes. Mention three of such materials 

4. Mention four shapes that can6be formed with pieces of paper 


Conclusion :the class teacher goes round to mark 


Homework :

Mention four plane shapes 








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