SECTION A: Objective Test

1. A ___________ is a physical structure with walls, a roof, doors and window. (a) house (b) school (c) Church (d) Office

2. There are _________ types of houses (a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 2 (d) 5

3. All of the following are reasons why people do not own houses except ___________ (a) poverty (b) High cost of building materials (c) difficult terrain (d) Wealth

4. _________ is the machinery for carrying out the business of a country. (a) Politics (b) Government (c) Organisation (d) Geography

5. One of the following is not a quality service. (a) Accountability (b) Openness (c) Mismanagement (d) Keeping promises

6. __________ is a person who directs and makes other people to do what he/ she wants them to do for the benefit of all. (a) Follower (b) Player (c) Leader (d) Commander

7. ____________ is a subject that enables us to know the activities of government and our rights, duties and responsibilities as citizens. (a) Government (b) Geography (c) Civic education (d) Social Studies

8. There are ________ components of Civic Education. (a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 7 (d) 8

9. _________ is showing support or allegiance to a person or an institution. (a) Loyalty (b) Legalty (c) Simplicity (d) Citizen.

10. All the following are evidence of loyalty except ________ (a) Obedience (b) Respect (c) Support (d) Unwillingness to serve

11. One of the following is not a consequence of disloyalty. (a) corruption (b) failure (c) Good will (d) Backwardness

12. __________ is responsible for the making of law. (a) Executive (b) Judiciary (c) Chairman (d) Legislature

13. __________ interpret laws that are made. (a) Judiciary (b) Justice (c) Judges (d) Jungle

14. __________ implements the laws. (a) Explosive (b) Executive (c) Exploit (d) Exchange

15. ___________ is a group of people who have common goals and interests and can embark on collective actions. (a) Press group (b) Pressure group (c) Press club (d) Pressing board

16. __________ means an improper or wrong use of a particular drug. (a) Drug addict (b) Drug abuse (c) Drugging (d) Drug trafficking

17. ___________ are awards given to honour some members of the society who have made exceptional contribution to the development of a nation. (a) National Honours (b) Grammy Honours (c) Nation Honours (d) Nationale Honours.

18. _________ are those beliefs that guides peoples decisions and actions. (a) Values (b) Valva (c) Vowel (d) Vanned

19. The following are reasons why we need to value Nigerian goods except _________ (a) Hard work (b) better life (c) Poverty (d) national pride

20. One of the following is not a reason for awarding national Honours, ___________ (a) Hard work (b) Encouragement (c) Promotion of excellence (d) Promotion of laziness

21. ___________ is when rights and privileges are not equally distributed in the society. (a) social injustice (b) social infrastructure (c) social behaviour (d) social studies

22. The followings are ways by which workers protest except (a) Demonstration (b) Strike action (c) reduction of production (d) Reduction of tax

23. One of the ways of preventing protest is by _____________. (a) promoting the welfare of the workers (b) Demoting the workers (c) Delaying the payment of workers (d) Reducing their salaries

24. ___________ is a collection of people who work together to ensure good governance in the society. (a) Civil society (b) Civil education (c) Civil idea (d) Civil reasoning

25. All of the following are importance of moral education except _____________ (a) Oneness (b) Justice and fair play (c) honesty (d) Disobedience

26. The followings are characteristics of Civil society except _________________ (a) They create awareness (b) They provide training on developmental issues (c) They are always checking abuses (d) They play pranks on people

27. ____________ is a way of preventing drug abuse (a) Use prescribed drugs (b) keep bad company (c) don’t ask questions about drug (d) drink plenty of water

28. ____________ is the feeling of love that one has and shows towards one’s country. (a) Nation (b) Nationalization (c) Nationalism (d) Naturalization

29. ____________ is the feeling of love and loyalty to one’s nation and desire and willingness to make sacrifices for it. (a) Patriotic (b) Patriotism (c) Patronization (d) Patroness

30. ____________ is showing support or allegiance to a person or an institution. (a) Loyalty (b) Honesty (c) Simplicity (d) Love


1a. Define government.

b. List and explain the arms of government.

2a. Define the term Value.

b. State five reasons why we need to value Nigerian goods.

3a. Define the term Drug Abuse.

b. List three factors that contribute to drug abuse and three effects of drug abuse.

4a. Define the term Civic Education.

b. List five components of Civic Education

5a. Briefly explain the following:

i. Nationalism

ii. Patriotism

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