SECTION A: Objective Test

1. ___________ is formed when rocks are broken down into smaller pieces. (a) Soil (b) Rock (c) Dust (d) Sand

2. The following are agents of soil formation except _____________ (a) rainfall (b) wind (c) temperature (d) duster

3. Crops can be classified into _________ based on their life span. (a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 3 (d) 6

4. Animals can be classified based on _____________, _______________ and __________________. (a) mode of talking, habitat and uses (b) mode of feeding, habitat and uses (c) mode of looking, happiness and uses (d) mode of eating, suffering and uses

5. __________ are animals that cause damage to farm animals. (a) parasite (b) pests (c) pig (d) piglet

6. ____________ is an organism .that lives and feeds on the body of another organisms. (a) pig (b) peeking (c) parasite (d) pest

7. There are ________ types of parasites (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 6

8. The following are examples of common pests of farm /animals except ____________ (a) housefly (b) mosquito (c) ticks (d) malaria

9. When ___________ bites all the farm animals it transmits the organism that causes sleeping sickness. (a) housefly (b) Tse-tse fly (c) mosquito (d) bee

10. Ticks suck blood of farm animal and transmits __________ (a) fungi (b) virus (c) bacteria (d) diseases

11. One of the following is not a pest of crop plants. ____________ (a) Beetle (b) Caterpillar (c) Birds (d) Butterfly

12. _________ is a skin disease causes by mites. (a) Tuberculosis (b) Scabies (c) New castle (d) Ring worm

13. There are ______ methods of controlling pests of crops. (a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 7

14. _________ are organisms that live inside the body of another organism. (a) Endo parasites (b) Auto parasites (c) Ecto parasites (d) Indo parasites

15. There are ______ types of farming activities (a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 9 (d) 8

16. __________ is a plant growing where it is not wanted. (a) Crop plants (b) weed (c) bottle (d) calf

17. The following are benefits of farming except _________. (a) Provision of food (b) Source of income (c) Provision of employment (d) fighting

18. __________ are defined as the records of all the activities within a period of time. (a) Farm records (b) farm dairy (c) Farm booking (d) Note records

19. There are _______ types of farm records (a) 8 (b) 9 (c) 10 (d) 12

20. One of the following is not an importance of farm records. (a) They show the type of work done on the farms (b) They can be used for obtaining bank loans (c) They are useful for the purpose of paying tax (d) They are not relevant for proper keeping of farms

21. All of the following are types of farm records except ____________ (a) farm diary (b) farm inventory (c) input record (d) farming activities

22. ____________ are the detailed account of the yield of the crops and products from farm animals. (a) crop production record (b) input output records (c) farm inventory (d) sales records

23. __________ are the records of items that the farmer, his family and friends consume from the farm. (a) profit and loss account (b) sale records (c) consumption records (d) farm diary

24. ___________ is the record of all the daily activities or operations carried out on the farm. (a) farm records (b) farm diary (c) farm inventory (d) sales record

25. ___________ is an electronic device that can accept, store, process and retrieve data as well as bring out result. (a) Internet (b) Computer (c) Farm diary (d) Input

26. One of the following is not an advantage of computer in farming operations. (a) farm works are carried out faster (b) There is no need of using so many clerks (c) It is easier, neater and faster to keep records in the computer (d) It takes time to process and store information

27. The following are ways of controlling pests except ___________ (a) mechanical methods (b) Chemical methods (c) Using traps (d) Cutting of grass

28. ___________ is an examples of diseases caused by nematodes (a) yam rots (b) maize blast (c) galls of maize smut (d) tobacco mosaic

29. ___________ is an example of diseases caused by fungi (a) yam rot (b) die back disease of tomato (c) rice blast (d) cassava mosaic

30. ___________ is an example of diseases caused by viruses (a) Cassava mosaic (b) tomato rot (c) yam rot (d) maize blast


Answer all questions.

1a. Define the term “ Farm record”

b. State four importance of farm records.

c. List five types of farm records.

2. List and Explain five farming activities.

3a. Define the term “Disease”?

b. List five common diseases of farm animals.

c. List five common diseases of farm plants.

4a. What is pest?

b. List five agents of soil formation

5. What is computer aided farm record?

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