NAME: …………………………………………………………………………


  • An agent of soil formation is _________________

(a) education      (b) ignorance            (c) agriculture           (d) man


  • _______________ is formed when rocks are broken down into smaller piece.

(a) rock                (b) soil           (c) organics               (d) plants


  • All of the following except one is a classification of crop ______________

(a) cereals           (b) custard                 (c) grains       (d) spices


  • How many classification of crops do we have

(a) 7                      (b) 5                (c) 4                (d) 9


  • According to classification of animals by the mode of feeding we have – types

(a) 2                      (b) 3                (c) 1                (d) 5


  • ______________ is a place where we live, either as man or animal.

(a) Nest                (b) Habitat                 (c) Housing               (d) Living


  • Animals with complex stomach are ______________

(a) Ruminant       (b) Non-ruminant     (c) Cattles      (d) Poultry


  • ___________ are animals that cause damage to farm animals.

(a) Parasites        (b) Pests         (c) Insects      (d) Maggots


  • Parasites are divided into ______________

(a) 2                      (b) 3                (c) 4                (d) 6


  • An example of crop/plant disease

(a) Fungi              (b) Man          (c) Animals               (d) Weather


  • All of the following except one is not a control measure of pests

(a) cultural practice   (b) Fallowing    (c) Chemical control    (d) Biological control


  • An example of common disease of farm animals is

(a) cough             (b) sleeping sickness           (c) typhoid    (d) malaria


  • A person who takes care of the flower is called _____________

(a) gardens          (b) florists     (c) millers      (d) stylists


  • Animals that are used to carry out experiments are called _____________

(a) producers      (b) experimental       (c) cattles       (d) herd


  • An example of a hand tool is

(a) shovel                        (b) wheel       (c) tractor      (d) bull dozer


  • An agricultural science students can work in _____________

(a) Ministry of Communication           (b) Ministry of Defence

(c) Ministry of Agriculture                   (d) Ministry of Aviation


  • The major occupation of riverine area people are

(a) Farming         (b) Fishing     (c) Mining     (d) Trading


  • An example of food export is

(a) Cocoa             (b) Gas           (c) Gold         (d) Tin


  • Animals with simple stomach are called ____________

(a) Ruminant       (b) Non-ruminant     (c) herds        (d) Domestic animals


  • A place where animals are kept is ______________

(a) zoo                 (b) house                   (c) forest        (d) museum



  • Outline 4 controls of pest
    • Explain 2 out of them.


  • State 5 ways or processes of raising livestock or farm animal.
    • Mention 5 farm animals


  • Define pest / parasites
    • List and explain the two types of pest


  • List 4 common disease of farm animals.
    • List the causes of plant disease.


  • What is weathering?

List 4 agents of soil formation.