5th E – Learning Class Test

5th E – Learning Class



1. 255 ml + 147 ml

2. 10 litre — 8 litres

3. Write out all the
factors of 12

4. Write CCLXX in
Hindu Arabic

5. Arrange and solve
25 4 + 147 + 56

English Language



Potential energy is energy at rest.
Every living things possesses energy even at the state of rest.
We all have the potential energy in us. That is how God has created us.
Kinetic energy is energy in motion.

Answer all the questions
1. The passage we read.
The energy in motion
is call what?

2. What needs energy in
the passage.

3. What are conjunctions

Circle the conjunction
words in the
sentences below.

4. You must look before
you leap

5. Peter and John are
very good friends.


Basic Science

1. What is air?

2. ______ is the force
exerted over a unit
surface area.

3. Write two gases
present in air
4. Solar is the most
important energy
( True / False )

Social studies
1. In the olden days
communication was
very fast ( True /False)

2. List two fastest means
of communication
a) ________________
b) ________________

3. Wages money can be use to help people around us (Yes /No)

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