How many litres make one kilolitre?


CLASS: Basic 3


SUBJECT: Mathematics


TOPIC: Assessment Test


Instructions: Write out the questions and the answers alone.



1. Kilogram (Kg) is used to measure _________  object.

a. Small

b. Heavy

c. Lighter


2. Examples of heavy objects include the following except _____________.

a. Bag of cotton wool

b. Bag of rice

c. Bag of cement


3. ____________ is used to measure lighter objects.

a. Kilometres

b. Grams

c. Kilograms


4. The amount of liquid a container holds  is called ____________.

a. Weight

b. Capacity

c. Energy


5. How many litres make one kilolitre?

a. 100 litres

b. 1000 litres

c. 10000 litres


6. Subtract 23.5 Litres from 500 Litres


7. Draw a cone


8. The representation of of data numbers with pictures is called ____________.

a. Picturegram

b. Pictogram

c. Picturedata


9. Change 1/4kg to gram.


10. What is 1200g in kilogram?

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