Physical And Health Education Primary 1 First Term Examinations

Answer the following Questions .


  1.  ….. is a series of steps that involves the use of legs (Jumping,swimming,walking)
  2. jumping jumping i am jumping .jump up two times
  3. we must play with sharp objects (true/false)
  4. a break in bones is called …….(fracture,balloon,vomiting)
  5. we may break our legs when we play too much . (true/false)
  6. when we want to start a race we will say….(on your mark , jump, hallelujah)
  7. We also run in the high jump. True/False
  8. High jump is jumping over a raised object. True/False
  9. The skills involved in the high jump are:
  10. a) ____________________
  11. b) ____________________
  12. c) ____________________
  13. d) ____________________
  14. The run-up is running towards the raised bar. True/False
  15. Take-off means jumping high. True/Fals
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