Communication requires the


Class: Basic 4

Subject: Social Studies



(1) Communication requires the _________and__________

(a) modern,/traditional

(b)sender / receiver

(2)Town crier is an example of ___________’ 

(a) Modern means of communication 

(b) traditional means of communication.

(3) Television is an example of__________ means of communication .(a) traditional (b) modern .

(4) Communication is the process of_________ , __________ or _______ from one person to another (a)rice, beans or yam (b) information, ideas or news .

(5) Communication process is not complete until there is ________ and__________ (a) acknowledgement /feedback (b) traditional/modern   

(6)___________ is an unpleasant event that happens unexpectedly and causes injury or damage . (a) wind (b) An accident

(7) What are the two factors that encourage drug abuse?(a) government and family (b) proper and improper ways 

(8)_________ is any substance that changes normal body function

(a) Sweet (b) drugs

(9) Alcohol, Cannabis and Tobbacco examples of___________ (a) food (b) drugs

(10)____________ are those who are involved in accidents (a) Doctors and nurses (b) Accident Victims

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