Employment and Unemployment


Class: Basic 4

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Employment and Unemployment



Employment is when one is occupied with a job to earn a living. While Unemployment is when one is not having any work to earn a living.


Consequences of Unemployment

(1) When people are not employed, it leads to bad habits like robbery and smoking.

(2)It leads to overcrowding in town and cities.

(3) Unemployed people take hard drugs to forget their sorrows.

(4) They become liabilities to the family members and relations


Ways to Reduce Unemployment

Unemployment can be reduced by:

(1) Provision of industries by government.

(2) Encouragement of farmers.

(3) People should be encouraged to be self employed

(4) Amenities should be provided in every community eg electricity, water, etc

(5) Loans should be given to Unemployed people to start a business of their own.



(1) What is employment?

(2) What is Unemployment?

(3) Mention the consequences of Unemployment

(4) List the ways to reduce unemployment.

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