Agricultural Technology

Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Agricultural Technology


Agricultural Technology is the application of techniques to control the goods and harvesting of plants produce and animals.

Traditional Ways of Land Cultivation

 In the olden days, land was cultivated with the use of simple farm implements like matchetes, hoes , etc.

Traditional Ways of fish farming

 In the past, people fished with the use of hook and nets .

Traditional Ways of keeping Animals

Animals, in the olden days were kept within the house and were allowed to move around the compound and the community. The fulanis move around with their cattle

Modern Ways of Cultivating Land , Fish farming and Keeping Animals and Birds

(1) The modern farmer uses tractor instead of the hoe to till the soil and harvesters are used for harvesting of crops.


(2) Fertilizers are used to make the soil produce better.


(3) Pesticides are now used on the farm to kill pest that attack the crops


(4) Also poultry is now being used to keep Birds so as to rear them in large quantities


(5) Fishing is now done with trawlers instead of the use of hooks . The use of trawlers makes it possible to catch large quantities of fish.


(6) Also in modern times, government assists farmers by giving them loans and selling grains and Fertilizers to them at cheap prices.


(1)What is Agricultural Technology?


(2)In the olden days, people farm with which of the these: (a) Machines (b) Hoes


(3) The Fulanis that move with their cattle are called what?


(4)In modern days , which of these is used for fishing?(a)hook and nets (b) trawlers


(5) What kind of assistance does government give to modern farmers?

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