Pollution and its Types


Subject: Social Studies
Topic: Pollution.


Pollution is any substance that makes air, Water or land dirty, so that it is no longer pleasant or safe to use.

Types of pollution
There are different types of Pollution including the following:
(1)Air pollution: this is through smoke
(2) Noise pollution: this is through sound.
(3) Water Pollution: this is through dirty or industrial waste
(4) Land/Soil pollution: this is through dirty or industrial waste.

Effects of Water and Air pollution.
(1)Water pollution: this could lead to dysentery or cholera by which a person will be spooling and losing Water at the same time. If care is not taken, a person with dysentery who has lots of fluids may die.
Typhoid fever: this is also a very dangerous fever contracted through drinking bad water.
(2)Air pollution: air pollution could be as a result of smoke from vehicles, generators or from industrial machines. This could lead to:
(1) Dizziness: a person that has inhaled too much smoke, may feel dizzy and then faint.
(2) Blood poisoning: the smoke emitted from generators could lead to death.
(3) Cold; air pollution  could also lead to cold which could bring about sneezing and coughing.
(4) Lung diseases: air pollution can also cause damage to the lungs.

(1) What is pollution?
(2) Mention the different types of Pollution
(3)Why should industries not be placed where people live?

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