Duties of class monitor


Class: Basic 2.

Subject : Civic Education.

Topic : Duties of class monitor.



The class monitor is a pupil chosen to help the teacher to perform certain duties in class.

Duties are those responsibilities expected of those who serve.

Class monitors perform the following duties:

  1. The class monitor makes sure that the classroom is properly and regularly swept.

  2. The class monitor makes sure that the chalkboard is properly taken care of by rubbing off the notes after a lesson.

  3. The class monitor helps to control noisemaking in the class.

  4. The class monitor helps the teacher to collect and distribute learning materials such as textbooks and notebooks to other members of the class.

  5. The class monitor ensures that his or her classmates obey school rules and regulations.


Evaluation :

Questions :

  1. Who is a class monitor ?

  2. What are duties?——————–

  3. A good class monitor must not obey school rules and regulations ? ( Yes/No)

  4. State two duties of a class monitor.

a. ————————–

b. ————————–

  1. A class monitor assist the teacher in the class.( True / False)