Modern ways of keeping toilet facilities clean.


Subject : Civic Education.

Topic : Modern ways of keeping toilet facilities clean.


Toilet facilities need to be kept

clean at all times. This helps in maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of diseases.


The following rules must be observed:

a. We must flush the toilet ( water closet or semi-water closet) after use.

b. We must wash the toilet daily with soap and disinfectants.

c. We must mop water from the toilet floor.

d. The manhole ( ‘soak away’) must be built for modern toilet.

e. There must be dustbin in toilets

where we can drop used tissue paper.

  1. The toilet door

must always be shut.


Evaluation: question

a. List two examples of modern toilets.

b. Mention four ways of keeping

our toilets clean.

c. Modern toilets are not the result of technology.( Yes/No) ?

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