Rest and sleep


Subject:Basic Science


Topic:Rest and sleep


Contents:Meaning of Rest and sleep


Importance of Resting


Meaning of sleeping


Conditions for sleeping


Rest and sleep promote good health. Rest is the period that a person disengages himself/herself from activities so as to relax the body system.Too much work for a long period of time harms the body.


Importance of Resting

It is important to rest because: helps both children and adolescents to grow


2.It refreshes the mind and the body organs


3.After a proper rest,a person concentrate better at work and in school


4.Rest revitalize the organs of the body such as brain and the heart


Sleeping:sleeping is when a person lies down with his/her eyes closed while the mind and the body are inactive (I.e they are not working).Sleep is very important to every body.


Best conditions for sleeping


To promote good health,it is advised that people should sleep under the following conditions


1.People should sleep in a comfortable room that is free from noise and distractions


2.People should sleep in rooms that provides proper ventilation


3.The bedding should be clean and comfortable


4.Avoid over crowding of people on the same bed


5.Avoid over crowding in the same room.


6.The sleeping room should be free from bad odour.


7.The sleeping room should be free from mosquitoes and bed bugs.


Evaluation Questions


1.What is rest?


2.State two importance of rest?






3.Define sleeping


4.List four conditions for sleeping









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