Rhyming words

Primary 2


Subject:Verbal Reasoning


Topic:Rhyming words




Meaning of Rhyming words



Rhyming words can easily be known or identified when you listen to their to sounds when pronouncing them.

In other words,

Rhyming words are words that sound  alike at the end.


Examples of rhyming words are-


House mouse


Slavery memory


Horrible terrible


Possible responsible


Merry berry




Write out the words that rhyme with each other


1.Fit-cat, cot, (pit)


2.Weed-lot, lead, language


3.House-meat, meet, mouse


4.Dry-biro, cry, freeze


5.Slavery-ripe, memory, care


6.Possible-garri, horrible, book


7.Care-wig, fare, court


8.Wait-bait, bathe, bate


9.Vote-near, neat, note


10.Host-hit, coast, house

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