Root Words Verbal Reasoning Basic 4


Class: Basic 4

Subject: Verbal Reasoning

Topic: Root Words



A root word is a word that does not have a prefix i.e a group of letters in front or a suffix at the end.


Root Words help to understand where words come from to expand your vocabulary. In other words, a root word is left without prefix or suffix.


For Example the root word in “reactionary” is “action”after “re” and “ary” has been removed.



Unbelievable ____ believe





(1) Coincidental_________

(2) Unharmful__________

(3) Unskillful____________

(4) Disorderly ________

(5) Unreasonable________

(6) Un carefully__________

(7) Misunderstanding____

(8) Illegally________

(9) Comfortable

(10)Parental _________

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