Class:Basic 4

Subject: Verbal Reasoning

Topic: Derivations


Adding a prefix to a root word .

A prefix is a word element added to a base or root word at the beginning to give another word .

Examples are:

(a) fair ___ base or root word

un ____ a prefix

un + fair ____ unfair

(b) legal ___ base or root word

il ____ a prefix

il + legal ___ illegal


Evaluation questions

Add the correct prefix to these root words.



turn (re, dis, des) ___return

grow (ex, out, im) ___

out grow


(1)port (Im, pre, mal) ____

(2) gain (non ,re, in)______

(3) nutrition (I’m, ex,mal)_

(4)foot(fore, bi,ir) ______

(5) coming (re, on, tir) ___

(6) obedient (un, dis,des)_____

(7) martial (fore,pre ,ad) _

(8) go(dis, re, under)____

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