Verbal Reasoning Topic: Derivations (contd) 


Class: Basic 4

Subject: Verbal Reasoning

Topic: Derivations (contd)



(1)Fa mous (fa,no, eno) widely known

(2)ner vous ( fa, ner, eno)


_(1) __________ erious(un, se ,myst)

(2)__________ ous(vic ,anger, danger) not safe

(3)_________ tagious (con, can, sin) can be transmitted.

(4)Prepara ____________(ous, tion, ty)

(5) rejec __________ (tion ,ous ) an act of refusing something

(6) joy _________ (ous, tion) to be happy

(7) informa__________ (tion, ous) details about something.

(8)educa (ous, tion) a process of teaching and learning process

(9)marvel __________ (tion, ous) extremely wonderful

(10)humor __________ (ous, tion) funny and amusing

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