Farming tools and its Uses.


Class: Basic 1

Subject Agricultural Science

Topic : Farming tools and its Uses.

The farmers make use of tools in order to grow their crops and these tools are called farming tools.

  1. Cutlass – for clearing bushes.

  2. Axe – for felling trees.

  3. Hoe. – for making heaps and ridges.

  4. Pick axe – for removing large stones and roots.

  5. Rake. – for soil levelling and collecting rubbish

  6. Shovel. – for lifting and transferring soil.

  7. Basket. – for carrying harvested crops.

  8. Garden fork – for trilling the soil

  9. Watering can – for wetting flowers, vegetables and plant.

  10. Harvesting knife. – for harvesting crops.

Class work

Write the names of the tools and it uses.






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