Domestic Birds and Farm Animals


Class: Basic 1


Subject: Agricultural Science


Topic : Characteristics of farm Animals ( Domestic Birds)


Domestic birds are the birds reared at home. Farm birds are reared by farmers to make money, to produce meat, eggs and other useful products. Another name for farm birds is poultry.




Folws. 🦅


Ducks. 🦢


Turkeys. 🦚


Geese. 🦩


Chicken 🐓


Guinea fowls.🦃


Parrot. 🦜


Characteristics of farms birds


  1.  They have feathers all over their bodies except the legs.
  2. Their two legs are covered with scales.
  3. They have breaks as their mouth.
  4. The females birds lay eggs.
  5. They have 2 wings with which they fly.
  6. They feed mostly on grains.




Class work

List 4 characteristics of farm farm birds


  1. ………..
  2. …………
  3. …………
  4. ………….
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