Farming tools 


Class: Basic 1

Subject:Agricultural Science

Topic: Farming tools


A farmers is a person who is involved in the art of farming, therefore a farmer is a person who grows crops and or rears animals for human consumption.


Farming takes place On a farmland. The Farmer make use of tools in order to grow their crops and these tools are called farming tools.


There are various farming tools and some of these are:




  1. Axe. 🪓


  1. Hoe


  1. Pick axe ⛏️


  1. Rake. 🧹


  1. Shovel


  1. Basket 🧺


  1. Garden fork


  1. Water can


  1. Hand trowel


  1. Wheel barrow


  1. Harvesting knife


  1. Knife 🔪


Class work



  1. Agricultural provides …….. ( a) food (b) road (c) motor


  1. A tree can be cut

with …….(a) knife (b) scissors (c)




Write 5 farm tools






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