Agricultural Science Primary 1 Second Term Examination



CLASS: PRIMARY 1                                            









  1.  ___________ is a mixture of gases   (a) nose (b) air          (c) water
  2. Land can be categorized into ________ (a) 5           (b) 2 (c) 3
  3.   Can we feel air (a) yes        (b) no          (c) none of the above
  4. How many types of soil do we have? (a) 9      (b) 3     (c) 6
  5.  _________ is useful to farmer on the farm (a) pencil         (b) chalk     (c) sun
  6. ___________ may be used for ornament beautification (a) rock  (b) solid  (c) sand
  7.  Plant need air to grow (a) true      (b) false       (c) all of the above
  8. _____________ is use for moulding      (a) loamy    (b) sandy    (c) clay
  9.   Can we use elephant to work on the farm         (a) yes     (b) no  (c) all of the above
  10.  __________ is important to animal (a) air   (b) purse   (c) pump
  11. C6H12O6  means _______________ (a) oxygen   (b) energy   (c) carbohydrates
  12.   Can sun help crop to grow well (a) yes   (b) no   (c) all of the above
  13.   __________ is not a farm animal (a) rabbit   (b) elephant   (c) donkey
  14.   H2O means ____________ (a) juice   (b) water   (c) kerosene
  15. The sun shines over the __________ (a) surroundings   (b) earth   (c) heaven
  16.  How many types of rocks do we have (a) 4   (b) 2   (c) 3
  17.   ____________ is the best soil for agricultural purpose (a) loamy  (b) sandy (c) yellow
  18.  ____________ are used for grinding tobacco and pepper (a) rocks  (b) soil  (c) plastic
  19.  __________ is an example of guard animal (a) cow   (b) pig   (c) dog
  20.    Human being breathe in and breathe out _______ (a) oxygen and carbondioxide   (b) water and air   (c) fan and air

Section B

  1. Food gives us __________________________________  
  2. List two objects can flow in the air (a)             (b) ________________________________
  3. Mention two uses of water (a)             (b) ________________________________  
  4. Give two examples of water animals (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________  
  5. CO2  +  H2O  =  C6H12O6  +  O2  +  ____________________        



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