SUBJECT : Computer Studies

Class : JSS 1

TIME 2hrs



INSTRUCTION Answer all questions

1. The earliest mechanical aid to calculate

is / are-

A. Bead
B. Cowries
C. Abacus
D. Counter

2..ICT means

A. Internet Circuit Technology
B. Introduction Technology to Computer
C Information Communication
D Information Computer technology

3. The Iron Age is characterized by
A. Ink
B Internet and web
C.Hoe and cutlass
D). Computer

4. The middle Age is characterized by

A. Hoe and Cutlass
B. machine
C. feather pen
D. computer

5. Data that consists of numbers are known

as____ data.

A. Alphanumeric Data
B. Symbolic Data
C. Numeric Data
D. Alphabetic Data

6. The following are early counting devices EXCEPT.

A. Fingers
B. Stones
C. Cowries
D. Calculators

7. ____Is a modern method of transmitting


A. town crying
B. Bush burning
C. All of the above

8. Data can be classified into how many

A. 1
B. 2
D. 4

9. Data that can be put down in form of
symbol is called____ data

A. numeric
B. Alpha-numeric
C. Alphabetic
D. Symbolic

10. There is about____ information age.

A. 7

B. 3

C. 1

D. 4

11. The brain of the computer is the

B. Mouse
D. Keyboard

12.——– is popularly referred to as the father of computer.

A.Charles Babbage
B. Jacquard Loom
C. Ada Augusta
D. Kehinde Ogunlaru


13._____ and —— are examples of Ancient

methods of information transmission.

A. Bush burning and whistling
B. Data and writing
C. Symbols
D. Oral only

14. An electronic device which under the

14. control of a stored program can accept data, process the data and supply the result as information in a specified form is called

A. Computer
B. Machine
C. Generation
D. Abacus

15. Bush burning is one of the way of
transmitting information
B. Machine
C. Generation
D. Abacus

16. The tools used in industrial age is/age
Hoe and Cutlass

A. None of the above
B. None of the above
C. Pen and Ink
D. Machine

17. The application of scientific knowledge to
create or invent tools to make work or life
easier and faster is called —–

A. Data processing

B. Digital

C. Invention.

D. Technology

18. Data can be gathered by ____

A. counting
B. form filling
C. Questionnaires
D. all of the above

19. The fastest way of getting information
across the world is through

A. television
B. computer.
C. radio

20. Data means —

B. words
C. information
D. raw facts

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21. One of these is NOT a source of
A. Laws
B. Stone
D. Newspaper

22. The alphabetic data are those that consists

of ____

A. numbers
B. letters
C. symbols
D. oral

23. The following devices are mechanical


A. Ship
B. Bag
C. Car
D. Train

24. The qualities of good information include
all of these except

A. Accuracy
B. Ambiguous
C. Printing
D. Symbols

25. A processed data is known as

A. processed

B. Information

C. program

D. input

26. The oldest information age is known as

… Age
A. Early
B. Iron
C. Stone

D. Electronic

27. The following are the reasons for using a

computer, EXCEPT
A. speed
B. versatility
C. Dull
D. Accuracy

28. ——– is NOT an item found in Education

A. Educational qualification
B. Admission number
C. Nature of the sickness
D.Date and year of admission

29. The present information age is known as ___

A. early
C. electronic

30. Information can be transmitted through the following ways EXCEPT

B. Internet
D. text messages

31. The result obtained from the computer machine after processing is known as ——

B. Data
C. Stationeries

32. The age that gave birth to the use of
machines was?

A. industrial
B. stone
C. middle
D. computer

33. The age is pre history period daring which human begins widely used stone for
tool making

A. stone
B. Middle
C. Iron
D. Industrial

34. The following are examples of data

A. NONE of the above
B. symbolic data
C. alphanumeric data
D. Numeric data

35. ___is an exchange of information in

any form

A.Information transmission
B. Information media
C. Information input
D. Information code

36. The ancient man began counting by using

A. Adding machine

B. Abacus

C. Fingers

D. Slide ruler


37. The following are qualities of good

information EXCEPT ___
A. Complete

B. Accurate

C. Irrelevant

D. Relevant

38. Examples of mechanical counting and calculating devices include the following


A. Abacus

B. Slide rule

C. John Napier Bone

D. Stepped reckoner


39. Mechanical calculator

adding numbers was invented by who?

A. Philip Damola

B. Charles Babbage

C. Blaise Pascal

D. Isaac Newton

40. The stage where the processed data is

presented as a document is called ——

A. Processing stage

B. Storage stage

C. Output stage

D. Input stage

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41. ___z developed the slide ruler
A. John Napier
B. Philip Johnson
C. Akintunde Akinlabi
D. Charles Babbage

42. Who invented the telephone ———?

A. Charles Babbage
B. Johannes Gutenberg
C. Guglielmo Marconi
D. Alexander Graham Bell

43. Data (Information) collected from the

internet is regarded to as

A. Primary data
B. Off-line data
C. Secondary data
D. Online data

44. A TV set is an example of —- Device

A. Manual

B. Musical

C. Mechanical
D. Electronic


45. Which of the following reasons was why

the first computer was developed ——-?

A. Lack of counting materials
B. Lack of qualified mathematics
C. Poor examination results
D. The need for more efficient


46. One of the following is NOT equipment used in information technology

A. computer


C. internet

D. metal gong


47. The result of processed data displayed on

the screen is called

A. Printed copy
B. Soft copy

C. Untouchable copy
D. Hard copy

48. The age was a period in the late 18th

and early 19th centuries.

A. Middle age

B. Industrial age
C. Stone

D. Bronze

49. Charles Babbage was the inventor of ——

A. Analytical Machine

B. Abacus

C. Univac


[Francis attends David] what can this be

referred to?

A. data.

B. information

C. source
D. jargons




(3 Marks)

1a. Mention and explain the types of Data.
1b.State 4 qualities of good information. 1c.Mention 6 different information ages.

2a. Mention the early counting devices.

2b. What is technology?

2c. Mention 6 features of computer.


3a. What is information transmission?

3b. State 4 ancient methods of information transmission.

3c.Mention the four parts of Charles Babbage Analytical Engine.

4a. What is a device?

4b. List 4 application areas of ICT in everyday life.

4c. Mention 4 advantages of using computer


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