School Rules and Regulations school


Subject:Civic – Education

Topic :School Rules and Regulations

A school is a place where we go to learn how to read and write as well as acquire other knowledge.

The people learning in schools are called pupils or students.

School rules and Regulations are law made by the school authority, which must be obeyed by all the pupils in the school.

Rules and Regulations in the school in my School

1. We must not come late to school.

2. We must not leave the school premises before school closes.

3. We must respect our teachers.

4. We must respect our school mates.

5. We must dress neatly to school all the time.

6. We must not make noise in the classroom.

7. We must not fight anywhere in the school compound.

8.We must not steal nor take what belong to other people.

9. We must keep the school premises clean all the time.

10. We must not cheat during examinations.

Class – work

State 5 rules and Regulations in your school








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