Computer Storage Devices.


CLASS: Primary 3

SUBJECT: Computer Study

TOPIC: Storage Devices.

Storage devices are devices used to keep or store things until they are needed.

We have the general storage device and the computer storage device.

General Storage Device:
They are used to store things like food, water, books etc. Examples are bag, bottle, sack, flask, cupboard etc.

Computer Storage Device:
They are devices used in keeping work or data until they are needed.

Types of Computer Storage Devices
There are two types of computer Storage devices, they are:

a.) Internal Storage Devices:
These are devices that are inside the system unit. They are:
1.) Hard Disk
2.) Memory

b.) External Storage Devices:
These are devices that can be removed from the computer after using it. They are:
1.) Flash Disk
2.) Compact Disk (CD)
3.) Floppy Disk or Diskette
4.) Zip Disk
5.) Digital Versatile Disk (DVD).

1.) Mention two computer storage devices that can be removed after usage.

2.) There are ________ types of computer storage device.

3.) Mention two examples of general storage device.

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