Three-dimensional shapes


CLASS: Basic 3

SUBJECT: Mathematics

TOPIC:  Three-dimensional shapes




Three-dimensional shapes are shapes which can be measured in 3 directions. These shapes are also called solid shapes. They have Length,

width, and height which are the three measurements of the three-dimensional shapes.


Examples of three-dimensional shapes are:








Three-dimensional shapes have many

attributes such as:



Faces, and



Vertices: These are points where 3 edges meet.


Faces: These are the flat surfaces of the three-dimensional shapes.


Edges: These are the line segment where two faces meet. Don’t worry the diagram below will explain it better.


Examples and properties of three-dimensional shapes.


  1. Cube, E.g dice, st. Luis cube sugar etc.
  • It has 6 faces.
  • It has 12 edges.

*It has 8 vertices.

Each face of a cube is square in shape.


  1. Cuboid, E.g rectangular box, rectangular cupboard etc.
  • It has 6 faces
  • It has 12 edges.
  • It has 8 vertices.

Each face of a cuboid is rectangle in shape.


  1. Cylinder, E.g Gas cylinder, milo tin, milk tin etc.
  • It has 2 circular faces.
  • It has 1 curved surface.
  • It has 2 circular edges.


  1. Cone, E.g Ice cream, Christmas cap etc.
  • It has 1 circular base.
  • It has 1 curved surface.
  • It has 1 circular edge.


  1. Sphere, E.g balls
  • It has no vertex.
  • It has no edge.
  • It has 1 curved surface.




  1. List three objects in your environment that have the shape of cylinder.


  1. List two objects in your environment that have the shape of sphere.


  1. A cube has ________ vertices.


  1. How many edges has a sphere?


  1. Draw a cone.


  1. State the three attributes of three-dimensional shapes.
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