Computer Disk Drives.


CLASS: Primary 3

SUBJECT: Computer Study

TOPIC: Disk Drives


Disk drives are mechanical devices that read from magnetic disk or write to them.


They are also used to store large amount of data or work for a long time.


They are also used to pass data and information into a computer system. For example games, music, pictures etc.


Types of Disk Drives in Computers

a.) Floppy disk drive: it accept diskette which is also known as floppy disk.


b.) Compact disk drive (CD-ROM drive): it accept CD which is known as Compact disk.


c.) Hard disk drive: it is stored permanently in the system unit, but there are external hard drives which can be attached or removed from the system unit.


Uses of Disk Drives

a.) It is used to read data.


b.) It is used to write (burn) data into it.


c.) They are used to format (erase or empty) the disks.


d.) They are used to play music (through the CD-ROM drive and other drives)


e.) They are used to install computer softwares. Examples are games, MS Word etc.



1.) CD means ___________


2.) Mention the three types of disk drives in a computer


3.) To format a disk means to _____________ it

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