Primary 3 Mathematics First Term

Primary 3 Mathematics First Term

Weekly Lesson Plan

Week 1

Writing Whole numbers from 1 to 999


Week 2

Writing of whole numbers in words



Week 3

Comparison of Numbers by using greater than or less than


Week 4

Introduction of Fractions with shapes like triangle, square, rectangle, circle etc


Week 5

Addition of two digit numbers under tens and units without regrouping



Week 6

Comparison of Fractions by ordering


Week 7

Addition of three digits numbers without regrouping



Week 8

Adding of two and three digit numbers with regrouping



Week 9

Addition of Fractions with the same denominators



Week 10

Subtraction of two digit numbers without regrouping



Week 11

Subtraction of Numbers with 2 or 3 digit numbers with regrouping


Week 12

Revision and Examination

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