The Dos and Don’ts of using Disk drives.


CLASS: Primary 3

SUBJECT: Computer Study

TOPIC: The Dos and Don’ts of using Disk drives.


The Dos are:

a.) You must insert and remove the diskette correctly from the disk drive.


b.) You should also insert the compact disk into the CD-ROM drive correctly.


c.) The CD or diskette should be formatted (that is to erase or clean) before copying any document.


d.) Close all files before ejecting the diskette or CD from drives so that they wont get corrupt or destroyed.


The Don’ts are:

a.) Do not insert disks wrongly.


b.) Do not leave disks in drive while booting. (The system will not boot).


c.) Do not force the diskette into the floppy drive. Push gently until you hear a sound.


d.) Do not remove disks when the light of the disk drives are on.


e.) Do not use sticky notes or glue on disk labels. They can get stuck inside the drives.



1.) All files must be closed before ejecting a disk (a) True (b) False


2.) Sticky notes and glue should be used on diskette (a) True (b) False


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