Uses of Computer in the Bank


CLASS: Primary 1

SUBJECT: Computer Study

TOPIC: Uses of Computer in the Bank


Computers are used in the bank for different reasons, some of them are:


1.) To keep records of customers: these are people who save money with the bank. The bank keep their records so that they wont give the money of Mrs. Joy to Mr. John.


2.) To do calculations.


3.) To print statement of account: These shows the transactions carried out by a person, that is the things one did in that particular month or year with the bank.


4.) To transfer money from one bank to another. For example if Sofiat is using UBA, she can send money from UBA to Daniel who is using Zenith bank.

5.) To transfer money from one country to another country. For example you can send money from Nigeria to USA.

1.) Computers are used to save money in the _______

2.) We can ________ money from one bank to another bank.

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