Comparing length. Which one is longer or Which one is shorter


Class : Basic 1

Subject : Mathematics

Topic : Comparing length


Length can be define as the act of knowing how long an objects is. It is also the ability to know how short or wide an objects is.



Longer than or Shorter than


✏ A 📝 B


Pencil A is longer than pencil B


🛶A. 🚢B


Ship A is shorter than Ship B.



Class – work


  1. 🎂A. 🥞B

Cake A is ___cake B



  1. ☕A. 🍵B


Cup B is ———- cup A


  1. 🏐A. ⚽B


Ball A is ————- ball B


  1. 🚌A. 🚕B


Car A is ———– car B


  1. 📻 A 📟B


Radio B is———–Radio B


  1. 💿A 💽B


Disk B is ________ than Disk A

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